How to add Instagram Story Links?

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How to Add Instagram Story Links?

One of Instagram’s most interesting features is the option to create a direct link from an Instagram story. This is particularly useful when you have a product or service to put forward.

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Let’s start with a quick video that explains how to add a link to your story:


More and more people are wondering how to insert a link, or URL, in an Instagram story. Before you can begin adding links to your Instagram stories, you must first meet certain conditions.

The 3 COMPULSORY conditions are:

– Have 10,000 or more followers.

– Have a Facebook page.

– You must change your personal Instagram profile to a professional Instagram account.

If you have not reached 10k followers yet, then you need to put a strategy in place to attract more people to your account.

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Now that you know the conditions, let’s get started!

Why Use Links on Your Stories?

If you’re reading this article, you may already know that the main problem on Instagram is that we cannot insert links to the descriptions of our profile posts.

It’s incredibly frustrating.

However, being able to add links to Instagram stories is a great solution to this problem! The links on the stories redirect the visitor where you want them and allows you to generate regular traffic to:

  • A website;
  • A product page;
  • A video;
  • A landing page (to capture leads);
  • Another profile on Instagram (to partner);
  • And more! The choice is yours.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Switch to a Professional Account

Change your Instagram account from personal to corporate. Go to your settings (the 3 points at the top right) and go to the professional profile. Nothing complicated! If it’s not already done, it will take you about fifteen minutes.

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Please note that, to have a business account on Instagram, you must first have created a Facebook page dedicated to your activity.

All done? Let’s move on!

Step 2 – Create Your Story

After following the first step, you will now notice the presence of a link icon at the top of your screen, which looks like two paperclips linked together. This means that you are part of the elected and you can start inserting links in your stories! 🙂

For your stories, I remind you that you can choose an image or a video of less than 15 seconds. But, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to create a story!

In my case, I always use a message plus a call to action. For example, something like “click here,” so that visitors immediately understand the subject of the story and the way forward.

Warning! I noticed a bug when I try to run a video of more than 1MB that grinds and never appears. This bug is known. To fix this issue, minimize the video as you edit so you do not experience this bug.

Step 3 – Choose the Link

It’s time! Insert the link where you want to redirect traffic.

Step 4 – Add Hashtags (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!)

In order for your story to reach more people, it will be necessary to add hashtags.

To insert more than one, use the text tool at the top.

Minimize hashtags by putting them in a corner or on a background of the same color to make them invisible. They will be considered by Instagram without “disfiguring” your story.

If you do not know how to find the best hashtags for your profile, check out the following article: Best hashtags on Instagram

Step 5 – Publish Your Story

I recommend testing with another account to see the final result. If you do not have another account, ask a friend to test your story to see the result.

You notice that at the bottom, the call to action I added is very clear where I want visitors to click. The hashtags are invisible because I pushed them into a corner, off the screen.

Everything is golden!

Step 6 – Highlight Your Stories on Your Profile: Instagram Story Highlights

Recently, Instagram provided the opportunity to put forward stories directly on our profile. This allows visitors who discover your account to access the stories you have chosen quicker and click on your link.

Normally, stories disappear within 24 hours, however, if you pin the story of your choice to the front page, it will be visible well beyond this limit.

You can even insert titles for pinned stories, such as: Instagram Story Tips, Instagram Story Ideas, Instagram Story Filters, Music, Food, Etc. You can even create a small menu with categories of stories for quick access.

For a shop, this is very interesting because you can create stories that refer directly to the different categories of your online store. These stories will be quickly accessible via this small menu, which allows you to create a real catalog on Instagram with the corresponding links.

Pretty great, right?

If you want to monetize your account and make money with Instagram, you should set this feature up on your account.

Well, friends, we’ve come to the end of this little tutorial! Feel free to test this feature, which is really very interesting if you are looking to redirect traffic, have more subscribers on a YouTube channel, get leads, and much more!