Tips For Getting More Followers and Likes On Instagram

Instagram is the most used platform today. It has millions of users every day, millions of photos and videos, and billions of likes. Among these millions of photos, appears your photos which may be poorly targeted by your followers. This is due to Instagram algorithm, which seems unfair to some!

Currently, gaining likes has become more difficult compared to before.

Having 1000 likes has become even impossible for some! How, then, does one reach 1000 likes?

You must know, first, that the number of likes also depends on the number of followers. For example, an account with more than 10K is different from the one with more than 100K. The same goes for influencers who are also known on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and their blogs.

An influencer that is active in several platforms is luckier to have more likes through sharing.

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What is the INSTAGRAM algorithm?

To clarify, the Instagram uses an algorithm that highlights the publications you are likely to like. Instagram bases this from the accounts you follow, like, comment on, and share in private message (Direct message/DM). It also includes accounts that are generally successful. Instagram favors big accounts and especially those with 50K or more followers, which makes things a little difficult to make the weight against them.

However, the Instagram algorithm is important for accounts since it shows their photos, videos, and IGTV in the search bar “explore” which increases the visibility of an account.

Tips for Getting More Followers and Likes on Instagram:

Besides the use of hashtags; filters and effects for photos; interaction with your subscribers; quality photos; publishing your photos at the right time is also extremely important.

You can publish the world’s most shocking image, but no one will like it because it might be the middle of the night for most of your audience!

Most activities around your photo will happen in the early hours, minutes, and even seconds, so it’s important to time your posts so they’re in a good viewing window. An important tip that shouldn’t be neglected!

Here are some tips that can help you to publish your favorite images at the right time:

  • Take a quick tour of your statistics, which show the hours and days when your subscribers are more active. This will help with the interaction and visibility of your post.
  • Publish pictures or videos in the middle of the day during the week. This is the time when people are likely to get bored at work and surf the web.
  • Post your photos a little after dinner time. People tend to check the web and social media when they are tired at night.
  • Publish your photos, videos, or IGTV on special occasions. For example – World Women’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day are unique and magic moments to share your images.
  • Post and share your photos on weekends, which is a nice relaxing moment for users on Instagram application.
  • Try to be more active after posting your photos and showing that you care for your followers. Good interaction is a great way to engage and attract more people to your account.
  • Try to be active on other accounts, especially the most popular ones. Comment on a friend’s photo or some photos to attract the attention of other users.
  • Do not publish too many photos at the same time, it may not give the importance and time that each photo deserves.

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