Recovering a Permanently Deleted Instagram Account… Is It Possible?

After more than 9 years of activity with more than one billion users, Instagram remains one of the world’s top social networks.

However, sometimes, because of our commitments, we are forced to leave social networks for a certain time. When we do so, we may decide to disable or delete our Instagram account. Indeed, there are two possibilities: disable your account or delete it. But, these two actions do not have the same consequences!

After a bit of a break, you may want to restore your account. And, this is where the bad news comes in.

According to the policy of use of this social network, it’s not possible to restore your account or your username after being deleted.

Like Facebook, it’s possible to disable or delete your Instagram account.

If the Instagram account has been temporarily disabled, the profile is recoverable at any time. On the other hand, deleting an account means that you cannot recover either the account or the username you used before.

So, it’s possible to reactivate a temporarily disabled account. However, not a deleted account!

Want to reactivate your deleted Instagram account??!!!

You must know!!!!

Instagram cannot reactivate a permanently deleted account!

To clarify:

  • If you decide to delete your account instead of deactivating it, you will not be able to recover your profile. Additionally, this also means that if your account has been deleted by you or someone with your password, there is no way to recover your account. While you can recreate a new account using the same email as before, you cannot use the same username. As such, you will need to create a new Instagram account.
  • If your account has been accidentally disabled by Instagram, you can appeal the decision. To do so, open the app, enter your username / password, and following the instructions on the screen. If no disabling message is displayed, you may have an authentication problem.

Just to be clear from the outset: it is totally impossible to reactivate a deleted Instagram account. In addition, there is currently no way to restart it, even if you can consult your publications and other data if they were downloaded beforehand .

Reactivate an Instagram account:

The process to reactivate an Instagram account can be extremely simple or complicated, depending on the case:

Temporarily Disabled

If you have temporarily disabled the account, a simple re-connection with your ID and password will restart the account instantly. This is true regardless of the duration of non-activity.

1. Open the Instagram app. To recover your disabled account temporarily, you just have to login to your account.
2. Enter your username and password. With this information, you should be enough to recover your Instagram account. You have activated your account again!

Alternatively, for a temporarily disabled account, you can follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to this account
  • Enter your username “ID” and password.
  • Try to connect from another device.
  • Click the “Get connection help” link.
  • Choose the method to change password.
  • Open the application of text messages or emails.
  • Get out of the email or text app.
  • Try to log in again.

Suspended Account

Are you still having trouble recovering your Instagram account?

If you are unable to recover your password or have not disabled your account, you should review the Instagram Terms of Service to see if your account has been closed.

This is a second possibility that is quite common. Your account may have been deactivated Instagram’s moderation teams.

After following all these next steps, you still cannot reactivate your Instagram account, contact Instagram directly.

In this case, a corresponding message is displayed when the user tries to connect with steps to follow for an attempt to reactivate.

The process can be long and difficult depending on the level of violation. Because, usually, the problem comes from there. Therefore:

1 – Know if your account has been suspended

If you tried to reset your password and still do not have access to your account, Instagram probably suspended it. This may be because of a Terms of Service violation.

Depending on the severity of this offense, you may no longer be able to access your account.

2 – Avoid violating the conditions of use

Respect the conditions of use. If the terms of use are not respected, Instagram may disable your account without notifying you.

The terms of use include:

  • You’re 13 years old or older
  • Do not sell or transfer your account to anyone else
  • Never ask for another user’s credentials
  • Do not post violent, discriminatory, or sexual content
  • Never not send spam to other users
  • Do not create robot or unauthorized accounts
  • Don’t limit the use of another user
  • Do not transmit viruses or troyen
  • Never not try to enter the application with a private API
  • Do not use Instagram for illegal purposes
  • You are responsible for all actions on your account
  • NEVER share your password with anyone. Even to the content planner. Some applications allow you to program your content and often they ask you for your password. This is not a very secure procedure.

3 – Register your personal data from time to time

Have a backup copy or your account content

Instagram gives you the ability to save all shared files in your mobile phone. Just activate the option. It’s a way to save all the photos and videos on your phone.

4 – Use the help pages of Instagram and their Help Center

You can find pages for troubleshooting and connection assistance, account management, or privacy and security conditions.

Remember that deactivation is temporary.

Deletion is final.

In conclusion, always be careful and save your data from time to time!