How to Unfollow Users who Unfollow You on Instagram

Instagram is an addictive and great App to discover the artistic vision of your friends, family, celebrities, and others.

Some also consider this social network a way to get as many fans as possible. As such, it can be frustrating to see the number of admirers decrease for no apparent reason, especially if you do not know exactly who among them has stopped following you.

At random, we may notice Instagram accounts that turn out not to follow us, even if we were sure that this account was following us or hoping it was.

Instagram does not have the ability to tell you who disappeared from your list of admirers or, even, when it happened. It’s unpleasant, irritating, and it makes you want Instagram to put a special sign on accounts that are unsubscribing from you right away or give you the option to get rid of them once and for all.

However, don’t worry! Today we will present several alternative websites or apps available to help you to find those who have stopped following you.

  • For websites, we can note: Unfollowgram,,, and
  • For Apps, look for a fan management program on the branded app store on your phone.

Towards a Healthier Use of Instagram?

The Unfollowers application, directly connected to your Instagram account in few clicks, is a game changer!

Indeed, many users like accounts and then unfollow them. Thousands, if not millions, of subscribers are therefore with impunity, without playing the game.

From now on, you can also remove these followers, either case-by-case, or a wave of them, according to your choice.


  • Users of Apple iOS devices should direct their choice to the highly rated and free application, “Followers on Instagram Free.”
  • Owners of Android devices can download “Follower Tracker for Instagram,” which is one of the most accessible selections among many available on the Play Store repository.
  • You can also use Combin, which is compatible with Mac, PC, and Linux.

These apps can instantly detect those who are unsubscribing from you and stop following them selectively and all in one click.

How to Get Started

1) Launch your chosen app and sign in with your Instagram account.

2) Open the Users tab and get access to all the accounts you follow.

3) Click “Do not follow me” and get a list of users who do not follow you.

4) Click “Select All” and press the Unsubscribe button to proceed with a massive un-subscription of Instagram accounts that no longer follow you.

5) That’s it!

Some tips for you to keep in mind:

Knowing which fans have stopped following you can be distracting, but do not be fooled by them. It’s more interesting to find new fans than to worry about those who have changed direction.