How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Account Switching

These days, it’s perfectly normal for one person to have multiple accounts. Most users of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., have more than one account with a different email address. However, it can be very difficult to run and use several accounts on the same mobile device at the same time!

But, since technology evolves over time, the functionality of using multiple accounts is available! In 2016, this long-awaited feature came to life, for both iPhone or Android smartphone users on Instagram.

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This technology offers multi-account functionality. As such, it’s possible to manage and use multiple Instagram accounts, up to 5 Instagram accounts simultaneously!

Of course, this is something that’s greatly appreciated without exception by all Instagram users who had to juggle their personal and professional accounts.

How does it work?

  • At the bottom of the “Options” section, select “Add an account” and log in to your Instagram account. Next, go to your Instagram settings to add an account.
  • Press your username (top left) to change account. As shown in the picture below, the account change is made in the “Profile” by clicking on the account name at the top of the screen.


How can I manage multiple accounts while avoiding publication errors?

Management of multiple accounts Instagram can turn into a real nightmare with poor management, especially if you have various accounts between brands, sales, personal account, associate accounts, etc.

However, in the options bar, it’s possible at any time to know which account is being used, thanks to the avatar. This will hopefully prevent publication errors between different accounts.

  • To manage your notifications, the name of the account concerned is displayed with each notification.
  • To avoid mistakes, you should link the corresponding Facebook accounts to each account used. Each account must be associated with a separate Facebook page. If it’s not, you will risk having posts (off your different account) appearing systematically on a single Facebook account.
  • It is also recommended to use mobile applications that work and treat your data in a separate way and provide separate notifications for your original account.

The management of multi account and its features allows you to quietly manage multiple Instagram accounts on your mobile device.

How to manage multiple accounts Instagram app for android and IOS:

Whether on mobile or desktop, a good and effective method for managing multi-accounts is required.

For your smartphone:

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Fortunately, there are tips, tools, and Clone applications to easily manage multiple accounts on Instagram.

For all those who want to optimally manage their Instagram account, including increasing the number of their followers, there are several and very practical applications. Additionally, the good news is that most are free!

For IOS:

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Indeed, there are several clone applications that give you the ability to manage and run multiple accounts at the same time. For example:

  • Fotogramme – an application for an iPhone. It allows you to manage multiple accounts, directly in the application,
  • Primary – a wonderful app for direct configuration of multiple accounts at once,
  • Instwogram – another alternative that provides you with the possibility to manage a second Instagram account independently and offers several features,
  • Gramory – an application with the same management principle. Just choose what suits you most in terms of colors, design, etc.

These are all great applications to help manage multiple accounts in parallel and, specifically, to manage its comments centrally with their very useful features.

All of these applications help you easily manage multiple accounts within the same messaging App.

For Android:

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Here are Top 5 cloning apps and Instagram tools for better multi-account management:

  • DOUBLEit
  • Double space
  • NoxApp +
  • Super Clone

All these android cloning applications allow you to easily run multiple accounts on the same smartphone.

The use of these alternatives allows you to easily use a different account at the same time on the same device for better management. Plus, with the cloning option, these applications offer a high privacy option for these users.

And for my computer?

Even on your computer, there are always alternatives even if they may be less powerful than of your smartphone in terms of time, accessibility, and speed.

  • Gramblr
  • Gramfeed

Both are software that have a Windows, Mac OS, and Linux version. By downloading one of these tools, you can access several interesting features.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts via a single login:

Community managers appreciate the ability to switch between two different accounts, or even more (up to 5 accounts)! This feature is integrated with version 7.15 for iOS and Android.

Managing multiple accounts is now easy, fast, and accessible at any time!

Using these new features and account management options, you can navigate and move from one account to another via the menu at the top left or simply from the home screen of the platform without disconnection/re-connection.

Really, this is a true blessing and a long-awaited solution!

Thanks Instagram!

One last thing:

You can also schedule your publications in advance. It’s a good way to save more time managing multiple accounts simultaneously.

Planning the Instagram post in advance has two major advantages:

  • Consistency in the editorial line:

    By preparing several publications in advance, you maintain a coherent publication schedule. Consequently, this gives you a summary of all your publications and the style of your account. Further, you can also prepare a big appointment, a post suite, or content related to the season.
  • Significant time saving:

    Indeed, you have the possibility of grouping all your content to publish during the day, or in the following weeks, in one place to share them several times, according to the preferred time slots. As a results, you can program 1 or 2 months of content in one go.