How to Get a Free Facebook and Instagram Ad Coupon 2019

Today Facebook offers promotional coupons for SMEs, free coupons without paying to have an ad on Facebook, especially if it is the first time to promote your page.

If you have a professional or a personal page on FB, you may have already benefited from this kind of promotion, judiciously sent to make you want to advertise on Facebook rather than rely on the organic reach of your posts to gain visibility and fans.

Benefit from 30 £ to promote a post!

Great! Great! You will finally be able to advertise, spread the word, and convert  people to your digital business!

How does it work?

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Facebook invites you to boost a publication. Once you have chosen the publication you want to show to the world, Facebook lets you set up the details of your audience (tip: if you target a French-speaking audience, don’t target China), the boost dates. It’s when you press the button to validate your desire for fame that Facebook asks you for a little bit of yourself.

To get these new Facebook coupons for 2019:







You can enter the following url to activate to coupon:

Go to coupon 71CV-9R62-VX6K-85V4 to get started using your free $50 coupon code.

Another way to get a free Facebook advertising credit is to register with participating online retailers that offer e-commerce and online advertising solutions.

Many of these service software providers have affiliate accounts that will provide a $50 Facebook promotional code at each referral. These services are free of charge. Then apply to become a re-seller and receive your instant voucher on Facebook.