How to Become Popular on Instagram

Effective Strategies for Developing Your Instagram Account

Who doesn’t know about Instagram today?!

After more than nine years of activity, Instagram remains a social network with meteoric growth.

With billions of users, this social network is therefore revealed to be an effective marketing communication tool.

Regarding the visual content, the platform allows brands and companies to build relationships with their potential customers.

Thanks to the sharing of photos and videos, brands value their products and distribute their know-how in order to cultivate a truly invested community.

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The questions then arise:

How do you increase the number of Instagram followers?

How do you develop your account?

What are the best practices to remember?

Discover with us! In this article, we show you some helpful tips to make your account even more popular!

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Effective Strategies for Developing Your Instagram Account

To be popular on Instagram, it’s necessary to develop your community. But, how?

With the latest functionalities, features, and options on Instagram, it’s easier than ever to boost your communication with even more users than before. Thus, it’s high time to start developing your community on Instagram.

Instagram has been evolving since its creation in 2010. In addition, its traffic is evolving and developing quickly.

The audience is just waiting to discover your business! However, with the success lies, above all, in the regularity of content sharing and the use of features in line with your main business.

The ease of taking pictures with the mobile, the possibility of increasing and developing its audience, the possibility of exchanging with Instagramers – these are all reasons that make the social network a real meeting place for brands and influencers.

In this article, we list for you the following:

  • Best practices on Instagram,
  • Step and tips to follow in order to increase the number of followers and develop your Instagram account in an organic and efficient way,
  • And, overall, how to become more popular!
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You must know that with the constant increase of content on Instagram, the commitment has drastically declined recently. As a result, this has made the development of new brand accounts on Instagram very difficult.

To boost your Instagram account, you need to:

1 – Post Regularly

To generate more traffic, ensure that you have a schedule that suits your audience.

Your account’s statistics are your strategic axis as they show when your subscribers are the most connected. Consequently, based on this information, you can decide the appropriate days and hours to post.

2 – Have Quality and Authenticity

Both quality and authenticity are at the heart of the best content on Instagram.

To help you create interesting and original content, it’s recommended that you use these applications:

  • Hyperlapse – an application that allows you to create a series of photos to design a lapse of time.
  • Layout – for editing photos. If you want to publish multiple photos at the same time, this application will be useful for you to combine multiple images together.
  • Instaquote – if you like quotes and you want to create a unique custom style that differentiates your account with viral content, this application allows you to easily make small custom quotes for your fans.
  • Madewithover – for those that want to protect their identity and add personal touches to photos. You can use this application to write your texts or words and protect your photos. This will help you become more well known if someone share your pictures and quotes!
  • Huntgram – to get an idea of the classified accounts in your category and have the same theme, we offer you Huntgram, which allows you to find the best of Instagram, classified by category.
Vector cartoon couple of famous celebrities on red carpet with paparazzi isolated on white background. Photographers with cameras work with rich superstars for mass media on premiere, ceremony show.

Also, don’t forget to follow these points & notes:

  • A special and unique account: to optimize the visibility of your account on Instagram.
  • Implement an interesting theme & topic that responds to a specific target.
  • An effective description containing the maximum of information with the emoticons to attract attention.
  • Use stories regularly to attract your community and to speak with them.
  • Utilize highlights, which are permanent stories that give a clearer idea of your business.
  • Instagram TV or IGTV: An important new feature that allows you to publish videos that last from 15 seconds to 10 minutes,. It competes with YouTube and facilitates engagement with your subscribers, especially if you are a brand!
  • Structure of the page: think about structuring your page with colors or style to differentiate yourself from others!
  • Visuals: maintain your identity and stay in the same theme of your previous publications.
  • It’s always best to set schedules that you think will suit your audience.

3 – Adopt the type of post that engages: Photo, Video, Stories, or IGTV:

Vary your content and avoid content with a historical and traditional format like simple photos. Additionally, make creative and interesting videos and present the maximum amount of information.

Instagram remains a real opportunity for all merchants and companies to share attractive and interesting visual content that meets the requirements of their communities!

Tools for Selling with Instagram:

If you are a brand that wants to increase sales with its followers, we suggest:

  • The Like2Buy tool that adds a link to your Instagram account and leads to a duplicate version of your account, except that the images are links to the product to redirect users and push them to buy.
  • Liketoknow, which allows you to send followers the selections of the clothes present on your photos via email.
  • Soldsie: similar to like2Buy, except that the difference is at the purchase level. The user can buy an item from your Instagram feed without leaving the app.

    Customers can pay as well via Paypal or international credit card. Further, it works also in the same way on Facebook.
  • Getcandid: this tool allows you to have images of your community to illustrate your e-commerce.

    The principle is simple, you complete a detailed search on Instagram, or different social network, for hashtags of users who use your brand.

    Then, you can contact them very quickly to ask permission to use their photos on your sites and your social networks.

Also, don’t forget to:

  • Organize GIVEAWAYS to gain visibility.
  • Transform your Instagram account into e-commerce.
  • Use Instagram to get original photos of members using your products.
  • Simplify the purchase of products.