8 Secrets for a Successful Instagram Page

To become successful on Instagram and increase your number of followers, there are a few rules to follow.

We reveal 8 secrets to gain notoriety on the most important social network of the moment.

To start, you should:

1 – Choose a topic for your page.

Having a singular topic for your page will help you focus your content, as well as make it easier for followers to get engaged with your account.

2 – Choose a username and a profile picture.

However, avoid changing the nickname or profile picture, as this will really damage your account.

3 – Modify your photos before publishing them, while keeping it simple.

Further, take different types of photos, allow time between each publication and use a good camera.

4 – For your content:

– Make vibrant photographs.
– Only add high quality photos.
– To push for more comments on your post, add captions with a question or a call to action.

Source : https://www.hayleyhall.uk/2018/10/make-your-instagram-look-better-plus-planning-editing-apps.html

When you publish content, certainly feel free to tag (from time to time) people (influencers, if you have a privileged relationship) who might be interested in your content.

5 – Get more likes!

To get more likes, try publishing at the right time, using geolocation, using hashtags, and following the most popular trends and topics.

6 – Get more subscribers:

Track multiple accounts, comment and enjoy the publications of the accounts you track to be more visible, interact with your subscribers, and be active!

Source : https://zen-promo.com/blog/post/how-to-increase-the-activity-of-subscribers-in-instagram

7 – Avoid using external applications.

Some users use external applications to automate actions and even schedule your posts. However, please be advised that Instagram doesn’t like this.

8 – Use emoticons to increases empathy and improve engagement.

Additionally, the follow/unfollow technique works very well, however, only for 1 to 2 weeks, no more.