Best 9 Tips to Animate Your Instagram Blogger Account 2019

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Your Instagram is your business card. Thus, it’s important that you master all the features and different types of posts.

To get started, let’s take a look at the “instagramesque” landscape to animate your Instagram account as a travel blogger.

1 – Videos in Hyperlapse

To publish videos quickly, simply download the Hyperlapse application. From there, you can then share your adventures, such as a hot air balloon flight, on your Instagram account.

*For android: Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

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*For IOS: Hyperlapse from Instagram 2019:

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2 – Collages

Download the Layout application so that you can create collages from your various travel photos in no time!

3 – Boomerangs

Boomerangs are very short videos that loop. Consequently, the repetition of the movement often creates a comic situation that appeals to users.

To get started, download the Boomerang application for Instagram. Then, film yourself biting into an XXL American burger or sketching a dance step. Ultimately, the important thing is that there is a movement!

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4 – Mosaics

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Thanks to applications such as Pleek or Layout, you can now publish a photo from different angles. The “photo booth” function also allows you to create 4 selfies in a row. As a result, you will have a guaranteed photomaton effect!

*For android:

*For ios:

5 – Sophisticated Panoramas

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Panoragram is an Instagram application that can split your picture into 10 photos. This allows you to share immersive panoramas with your followers. Hence, Panoragram is a particularly interesting type of post application for the blogosphere travels!

6 – Repost Instagram

Thanks to Instagram’s Repost application, you can now share content published by your fans. To get started, launch a travel photo contest with a custom hashtag and repost the winning photo. It’s an interesting and effective way to interact with your followers!

7 – Localized Insta Stories

Insta stories are becoming more and more sophisticated. For travel bloggers, this is great news in particular!

For example, you can now geolocate your Instagram stories using stickers, hashtags, or location at the time of posting. As such, your readers will immediately know where you stand!

8 – Post Customization

Instagram provides you with filters, emoticons, and also texts to customize your posts.

Do you want to publish a picture of the heavenly beach on which you are tanning? Easy!

To impress your followers, add the sticker showing the current temperature, a small cocktail emoticon, or a happy smiley.

Everything is available accordingly via Insta stories. Thus, just click on the corresponding icon at the top right to get started!

9  – Communicate with Your Followers

Send a photo privately to a limited number of users! To do so, upload the photo and select “New Publication” to send it as a “direct message” to the recipients of your choice.

Further, if you want to answer in video or photo to an Instagram story, it’s also now possible! The content sent is transmitted via direct message and will be deleted as soon as it has been seen by the recipient.

Lastly, you can also share a live video in your story! In fact, it will even be available in replay mode for latecomers.

What are your tips for animating your Instagram fashion blogger?