How to use Hashtags on Instagram in 2018?

What is a Hashtag? And What Do You Do With Hashtags?

A hashtag or“#” is a label for content used on social networks. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic, in order to increase followers and to generate more likes and comments.

For best results, we recommend pasting only one of the blocks of the best websites shared on our previous article as the first comment of your post!

However, be smart. Use hashtags related to the products / services / images you promote. Remember that followers that do not match your target will not bring you a business, as well as spam.

You are a brand, a company, a service, a blogger, an application, an equipment supplier, a journalist or a website? Do you need to be on Instagram to increase your visibility? But still it is necessary to use the good hashtags in order to increase your notoriety.

What are the most used hashtags & instagram hashtag top in 2018 on the social network Instagram?

In order to increase your notoriety and the virality of your posts, you need to go to the boarding by publishing your best shots with the best hashtags.

Love, the most used hashtag on Instagram: Instagram hashtag popular.

If you are milléanial, you probably grew up with a smartphone in your hands. It is therefore easier for you to understand the issue of e-reputation.

However, e-notoriety is not just a schoolyard contest. Brands need to develop their territory by making themselves known, and social networks, in 2018, are a lever that must be taken very seriously, for you and your employees! Just think of one word: virality!

You understand that the popular hashtags #love #likeforlike … are overused and do not allow you to attract targeted people or gain instagram followers with a real interest in your account.

Instagram allows only a maximum of 30 tags per photo: Instagram hashtag limit.

How does hashtags work on instagram?

Whenever you use a hashtag on your photos or videos, you automatically appear on the page associated with this hashtag on Instagram: Instagram hashtag for likes, for food, for wedding, for travel, instagram hashtag of the day, instagram hashtag story…Etc

The goal of the game, when you use a hashtag, is to position yourself at the top of the list in the top 9 of the posted publications, in order to attract people or applications that look for photos or videos on Instagram using these words keys.

How to position yourself on hashtags?


The positioning in the top 9 on each hashtag will depend on the components taken into account by the algorithm of Instagram:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • the speed of interactions right after posting your photo (velocity)
  • Previous positions on the same hashtag


As soon as you publish a photo with a hashtag, Instagram will observe the behavior of your followers and people outside your audience.

If the photo begins to receive many interactions right after it is put online on the wall, chances are it will be quickly visible in the top 9 of the hashtag chosen depending on the competition.