How to see stories on Instagram without them knowing?

If you use Instagram, you should know that if you watch a Story, the account owner will know. Indeed, Instagram allows us to see all the people who saw our story in the order of their arrival.

You may not want to know that you have spied on your favorite instgrammer, in which case I have a solution for you.

You have to install a modified version of Instagram, which allows, in addition to not being seen on the story, to upload a photo or video that you liked on Instagram but also to republish directly on your Insta without having to download it, just change the description and hashtags and the post belongs to you (I know it’s cheating!).

To download the modified Instagram application, it is very simple and not even need Jailbreak or computer.

Watch Instagram stories anonymously on your Iphone, how to view Instagram stories without them knowing

1-Go to Safari then on this address:

2-Click on “Download APP”

3-Click on “Allow”

4-On this screen click Install at the top right.

5-The TweakBox app will be installed on your iPhone.
6-Open it and close the ad
7-Go to APPS at the top of the page

8-Then in Tweakd Apps (with the snap logo)
9-Click Instagram Rocket and install the

Here, a second instagram will be installed on your iPhone, delete the original it will avoid confusing them.

Now, you can see videos stories by another instagram viewer to see instagram stories anonymously.

From now, don’t ask again how to see instagram stories? Watch an Instagram story without them knowing? View Someone’s Instagram Story anonymously….Etc.

Test this solution and tell us what you think 😉