How to save someone’s Instagram story?

 How to download Instagram photos online?

Instagram stories have become another way to show the world your daily adventures. Although they last only 24 hours, many are already using it to share part of their day with the world or with their friends.

However, being ephemeral, we are sometimes disappointed not to be able to save them for viewing again and you probably have already wanted to download an Instagram Story that you find funny without finding a way to recover it.

Today, No need to take screenshots to save the stories of your friends! You can now download and save other people’s Instagram stories with this tutorial.

So, how to secretly download anyone’s Instagram story and what is the ways to easily download videos from Instagram?

Tell yourself now that this is ancient history! We will show you the simple techniques to download Instagram Stories content to your smartphone or computer.

Retrieve Instagram Stories from an Android Device to download Instagram Stories, you simply need a “Story Downloader”. You will find dozens on Google Play by typing the “Instagram Story Downloader” query. The one we will use is Story Saver for Instagram from the YOBA publisher.


Easy to use, it asks you first to connect to the web version of the application.

Then enter the name of the profile and you will then access the different elements of the story, whether images or videos.

You just have to touch the video or image to download and press “Save”. The media will automatically be uploaded to your gallery.

Attention, it will obviously allow the application to manage your files in your storage space.

Download Instagram Stories from your computer:

By using the IG Story Chrome tool, you can download in a few clicks the stories publicly posted on Instagram and whether you are on mac OS or Windows.

Chrome IG story is an extension for the Chrome browser that you can install by browsing from the Google browser and clicking this link. The tool is extremely easy to use. You can retrieve a story in 3 steps:

  1. Connect to the Instagram web version.
  2. Once the extension is installed, launch it from your browser toolbar. Enter the username in the dedicated search field.
  3. Download the story by simply clicking on the “download” arrow at the bottom.

How to Save Instagram Videos with Free Apps and Tools? And How convert Instagram stories to mp4?

The videos of the story will be recovered in MP4 format and images in JPG format. The files are in a zip archive downloaded directly into your default download directory.

No need to ask again the following questions:

How to download Instagram Stories from your smartphone or PC? How to download Instagram photos and videos on Mac, Windows? How to Download Instagram Videos without Any Tool? How to Save Original Photos with Instagram

It is simple, now you have this tutorial and our website: Story saver for Instagram: interviewer to save quickly your stories, pictures and videos.