About Instaview

Instaview was born by a happy union between Instaphp.com and Instagram. I originally used the Instaphp site to test the functionality of the code I was writing. Soon after building a bunch of functionality on the Instaphp site, I quickly relized that these are two separate beasts; a frontend displaying results from Instagram and a backend (Instaphp) getting the data from Instagram's API. Therefore, I separated them out and Instaview.me was born.

I'm also a user (of course) and you can follow me on instagram or twitter. You can also follow the instaview twitter account to see what other's are sharing via twitter.


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a iPhone app for sharing photos with other Instagram users. There are rumors that there might be an Android version in the works, but the good poeple at Instagram haven't said one way or the other.

What is Instaview?

Instaview is a web based viewer for Instagram that uses their API to allow you to interact with other Instagram users just like you would on your phone.

Does this site collect/share personal data?

Yes and no. This site saves references (metadata) to photos that were seen in the popular page. Other than that, this site will never share any information about you or your photos.

Does this site allow anyone to view my photos?

That depends. Popular photos are public by default. That is, you don't need to be logged into Instagram to see them. The same thing applies here for popular photos. Also, searching for photos (either by tag or location) will return public photos. If your account is private, your photos will not show up on this site.

What if I want my photos removed from this site?

No problem. If you need to have photos removed, just contact me with your username and/or the photo IDs you want removed and I will gladly remove the data. Eventually, you will be able to remove your own photos using this site, but at the moment, it's a manual process

What if my profile is marked private?

Then only users that follow you will be able to see your photos on this site. If you find that your private photos are showing up on this site without logging into Instagram, please contact me and I'll look into it.

I have a question/complaint/compliment, how do I contact you?

Via the contact us page or via email (support at instaview dot me).

I like the icons. Did you make them yourself?

Thanks, but, no. They come from the excelent collection.

I see references to "us" and "me" and "I"... what gives?

I know. I'm a horrible writer, but this site was built and is maintained by one person (me). We are all the same person.