Contact Instaview

First things first...

• If none of your photos have ever made the popular page, Instaview does not have any information stored regarding your account. None.

• No, I can not block certain users (male or otherwise) from accessing your photos.

• And no, I can't remove certain users (male or otherwise) you currently follow

• No, I can not delete images that are not hosted on this domain. is not It's simple string comparison.

• No, you can not upload photos from your crappy PC. You can only upload your crappy photos from your awesome iPhone or your crappy non-iPhone device.

• No, I can not delete your pic because you didn't mean to put it on there.

• Why do I have your picture? First of all, what fucking picture? Second of all, probably because you uploaded it to a social picture sharing site that has a public API that this site happens to be using.

• Can you have your child's password so you can see the photos they're posting? First, congratulations on being parent of the year. Second, THEY'RE YOUR CHILD! ASK THEM YOURSELF. Third, and this is the kicker, I don't know your child's password because this site doesn't use passwords.

That said...

If you need to contact me, you can use the form below email support @ this domain. Please note that if you...

  • • have an issue with another Instagram user or the photos they are posting
  • • have an issue with the Instagram app on your device
  • • want Instaview to delete a photo which does NOT appear on the popular page

you will need to contact Instagram directly.

If you deleted your account and want your images to be removed from Google's image search results, please see this link for instructions on how to do so.